Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Princeton Southern Society aims to increase awareness of Southern culture at Princeton through social events, the arts, academia and other useful means and to facilitate relationships between Princeton’s undergraduates and people and places in the South.

The Society is open to all members of the undergraduate community that express an interest. Members may then be classified as "Southerners" or "Aspiring Southerners" based on their home geography, but all Members have equal privileges.

The Society's leadership and membership works to promote understanding of southern culture and discussion of issues relevant to southerners. On the cultural side, the Society adds to the culinary and artistic diversity on campus by hosting social events centered on traditional southern cooking and working to bring in country, bluegrass and other artists that the Princeton community might not otherwise have solicited. Over the last four years, the Southern Society has arranged an annual Pig Pickin', organized a "Southern Ball" in 2006, and hosted numerous fried chicken/sweet tea/watermelon study breaks. In the academic realm, the Society plans to encourage panel discussions involving students and professors that examine issues particularly relevant to the South.

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  1. If I'm from Alaska am I too northern to join?